S6E3 What Kate Does

I’m not sure why, but I never like the Kate or Claire-focused episodes. In our parallel reality format for season 6 we see Kate on the run misbehaving once again. In the non-crash version of her life,

S6E1 – LA X

Now I’m really LOST… I think the script for the Season 6 premiere was written by putting slips of paper with random scenes written on them in a paper bag and then selecting them one by one to write the story.

S1E22-24 – Season Finale – Exodus Parts 1,2, & 3

So I decided to combine episodes 22 thru 24 since they are a trilogy that completes Season 1.

S1E21 – The Greater Good

Shannon wants payback for Boone’s death which forces Sayid to remember some more of his checkered past.

S1E20 – Do No Harm

Claire had her baby and Boone died. Here’s how it all went down…

S1E19 – Deux Ex Machina

No wonder John Locke likes the Island, his real life was eF’ed up.

S1E18 – Numbers

In this episode we learn that Hurley had my dream job in Los Angeles. He won the lottery.

S1E17 – In Translation

The close-up on Jin’s eye to start things can only mean one thing… flashbacks…

S1E16 – Outlaws

We once again turn to the man who calls himself “Sawyer” for one of the most boring episodes yet.

s1E15 – Homecoming

Claire is back and she doesn’t remember a thing about the crash including all the people who didn’t lift a finger to find her for over 1 week. With friends like this who needs psycho kidnappers. And by Psycho kidnappers, I mean

S1E14 – Special

As predicted, this episode focused on Michael’s backstory and alluded to Walt’s psychic powers. AND CLAIRE IS FINALLY BACK!! But no thanks to her Island mates.

S1E13 – Hearts and Minds

Dear LOST, Remember this character on your show called “Claire?”

S1E12 – Whatever the Case May Be

So what about poor Claire??? She is still in the Jungle. Doesn’t anybody care?

S1E11 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Continuing where we left off in episode 10, Claire and Charlie have apparently been kidnapped by bug-eyed “Ethan.” A guilt-ridden Jack freaks out and bolts into the jungle to find them interspersed with flashbacks about having to turn his booze bag doctor father in for malpractice.

S1E10 – Raised By Another

Oh man, I think LOST is getting all “Rosemary’s Baby” on us. This episode focused on Claire and her backstory and was so scary that I had to immediately wash it away with the latest “30 Rock” episode.